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Family in Tampere


Local information

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This page contains information on services for families in Tampere. Other important information on the subject is available on the page Family.


Under Finnish law, a marriage is a legal union between two people. A marriage begins with a wedding service. Before getting married, you must request in writing an examination of the possible impediments to your marriage. This examination is performed at a local register office. The request can be submitted to any local register office.

Civil marriages are also performed at the local register office.

Digital and Population Data Services Agency

Tampere unit

Hatanpään valtatie 24

PL 682

33101 Tampere

Telephone 0295 536 244 (marriage)

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You can file for divorce independently or together with your spouse. Divorce applications must be submitted to the office of the District Court of Tampere. You can take the application to the District Court office or send it there by post, fax or email.

District Court of Pirkanmaa

Kelloportinkatu 5 A

PL 134

33100 Tampere

Telephone 029 564 7400 (exchange)

Fax 029 5647 657

If you are contemplating divorce and need help with negotiating various arrangements, you can apply for family mediation. Family mediation services help families residing in Tampere with children under 18 years of age.

Family councelling centre/Family mediation

Tipotie social services and health centre

Tipotie 4

33230 Tampere

Advice and appointments tel. 040 800 7910 (Mon and Wed 12 noon-2 pm)

Assistance for relationship and family problems can also be obtained from the family counselling services of the parishes. In the mediation process, family members can obtain help and support when contemplating divorce and the threat thereof, as well as negotiate about practical solutions after a divorce decision. Customers are accepted from the entire Pirkanmaa region, in addition to Tampere.

Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Parishes

Family Mediation Centre

Hämeenkatu 28 (4th floor)

33100 Tampere

Telephone 040 804 8100, Mon-Fri 9 am-11 am and Mon 1 am-3 pm and Wed 1 am-3 pm

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Family mediation

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Family counselling

Children in a divorce

Family mediation services help families residing in Tampere with children under 18 years of age. Arrangements regarding parental contact with children can also be agreed upon through family mediation. Contact a family counselling centre if you are contemplating divorce or your family needs help coping with one.

Family counselling/Family mediation

Tipotie social services and health centre

Tipotie 4

33230 Tampere

Advice and appointments tel. 040 800 7910 (Mon and Wed 12 noon-2 pm)

If you have children and you decide to file for divorce, please make an appointment with a child welfare supervisor. The child welfare supervisor will verify the agreement regarding the housing and care of the children as well as access rights and child support.

Appointments only by telephone. Making an appointment is mandatory.

Child welfare supervisor appointments and telephone advice:

Appointment booking: telephone 040 660 1583, Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 9 am-11 am.

Telephone advice, 040 806 3535, Tue, Thu and Fri 12 noon-1 pm.

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Family counselling

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Child welfare supervisors

When you are pregnant

Please contact the maternity and child health clinic in your area as soon as you find out about your pregnancy. The maternity clinic monitors the well-being of the mother, baby and entire family during pregnancy. The services of the maternity clinic are free of charge. Tampere has several maternity clinics. The contact information can be found on the city’s website.

In urgent problems and emergencies related to pregnancy, please contact the emergency services of your maternity hospital.

Tampere University Hospital

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Teiskontie 35

33520 Tampere

Obstetrics and gynaecology emergency services, tel. 03 3116 5942.

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Maternity clinics

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Obstetrics and gynaecology emergency services

Support during pregnancy

If you are entitled to a maternity grant, maternity allowance or other benefits, please apply to Kela for these. You can fill in the application online, post it to Kela or visit a Kela office.

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Kela, downtown office

Aleksis Kiven katu 18

33210 Tampere

PL 10

00056 Kela

Taking care of a child

A variety of day-care services and club activities are available for the parents of under-school-age children.

Tampere has numerous city-owned day-care centres and family day-care providers. In addition, private day-care centres are available. If you are applying for a place for your child in a private day-care centre, contact the day-care centre of your choice directly.

Places in city-owned day-care centres or family day care can be applied throughout the year. Please submit your application four months before you would like the day care to begin. The easiest way to apply for a day-care placement is by using an electronic form online. If you choose to submit a paper application form, take it to the day-care centre that is your primary choice or to the Day care customer guidance.

Day care customer guidance

Frenckellinaukio 2B

PL 487

33101 Tampere

The child's cultural background and Finnish language proficiency will be taken into account in the group's activities. Native-language education is arranged for preschool-age children where possible.

The City of Tampere provides day-care services in Swedish, English, German and French. You can find more information online.

The Day Care Consultation Phone provides assistance in matters related to applying for a day-care placement:

tel. 040 800 7260 (Mon-Fri 9 am-12 noon), email: (Link opens default mail program).

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Family day care

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Clubs and playgroups

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Foreign-language day care

Looking after a child at home

Families can hire someone to care for their children at home and receive private care allowance. Private care allowance can be applied for from Kela.

If you care for your child at home, he or she can participate in part-time clubs and playgroups. You can apply for a place in a club with a day-care application. The open family clubs for parents and children do not require registration – families can take part when it best suits them.

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Taking care of a family member at home

If you are taking care of an elderly, ill or disabled family member at home, you may be entitled to informal care allowance. Informal care allowance is granted to applicants who engage in extremely demanding and/or binding care. First, you will need a doctor's statement that indicates the demanding and binding nature of the care. You can apply for the allowance using the form provided on the City of Tampere website.

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Informal care support