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Tärkeitä viranomaisia

Important authorities


Finnish Immigration Service

When you move to Finland, you must apply for a residence permit or register your right to reside at the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri). The need for a residence permit depends on your country of citizenship as well as your reasons for coming to Finland and the length of your stay. The Finnish Immigration Service also processes asylum applications and applications for citizenship.

Finnish diplomatic missions abroad

Finnish diplomatic missions abroad

  • accept residence permit applications for Finland
  • grant visas to Finland
  • serve Finns residing abroad when they need to take care of matters with Finnish authorities, apply for a new passport, for example
  • assist Finnish citizens who have faced an emergency abroad.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland has a list of Finnish diplomatic missions abroad.

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Finnish Diplomatic Missions abroad

Digital and Population Data Services Agency

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV), is responsible for the population register of Finland, where information on those who are living in Finland is entered. If you move to Finland from abroad, within Finland or away from Finland, you must submit a notification to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. You can apply to the Finnish Immigration Service for a personal identity code if you did not receive one from the Finnish Immigration Service or the tax office. The service locations of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency also handle, among other things, civil marriages and notary public services. Many services allow you to handle matters electronically.

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency has service locations all over Finland.

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About the Digital and Population Data Services Agency

Tax Administration

At a Tax Administration (Vero) office, you can receive a tax card, change your tax rate or ask about matters pertaining to taxation.

In Vero’s MyTax online service, you can handle many tax matters electronically if you have online banking credentials or the Mobile Certificate. You can, for example, order a new tax card or check the tax return.


The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) manages the basic security of people living in Finland in various situations in their lives. You can receive financial support from Kela when your income is low.

Kela’s benefits include

  • housing allowance
  • benefits related to illness or disability
  • unemployment benefit
  • student benefits
  • benefits for families with children
  • national pension, guarantee pension and other benefits for pensioners
  • income support.

The InfoFinland page Finnish social security provides information on who can receive Kela benefits.

Employment and Economic Development Office

The services provided by the Employment and Economic Development Office, i.e. TE Office (TE-toimisto), include

  • employment exchange
  • labour market training
  • entrepreneur services
  • career guidance.

TE Offices also prepare integration plans for immigrants who are their customers. Through a TE Office, it is possible to apply for a Finnish language course, for example. TE offices provide information about available jobs. The customers of the offices can apply for unemployment benefit from Kela and unemployment funds.

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Employment and Economic Development Offices

Occupational safety and health authority

The occupational safety and health authority ensures that employers comply with the regulations on occupational safety and health. It also provides advice on health and safety at work and on the terms and conditions of the employment relationship. Advice is available to both employees and employers. The occupational safety and health authority will not tell your employer that you have contacted it unless you give your written permission to do so.

Wellbeing services county

The wellbeing services counties organise public health and social services, except in Helsinki, where the City of Helsinki is in charge of the services. All other municipalities belong to a wellbeing services county.

Services provided by the wellbeing services counties include:

  • primary health care
  • hospital services
  • dental care
  • maternity and child health clinic
  • child and family services
  • services for disabled persons
  • services of persons who have been granted international protection
  • senior services
  • mental health and substance abuse services
  • supplementary social assistance

All wellbeing services counties have emergency services for treating urgent cases of illnesses when health stations are closed. The social and crisis emergency services can also help at any time of the day.


The duties of the police (poliisi) include ensuring order and safety in society as well as preventing and solving crimes. In addition, the police issue Finnish passports, identity cards and foreigner’s identity cards.

If you need police assistance quickly, call the emergency number 112. Only call the emergency number in case of emergencies where life, health, property or the environment is in danger.

Reporting a crime

Everyone is entitled to report a crime to the police by filing a police report. A crime can be reported to the police anywhere, regardless of where it took place. You can report a crime:

  • at a police station during the opening hours of the reception of criminal reports; or
  • electronically on the police website.

If it is a minor offence and you do not urgently need the police, you cannot report it by phone.

Non-Discrimination Ombudsman

The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman (yhdenvertaisuusvaltuutettu) is an authority whose task is to advance equality in Finland and to prevent and tackle discrimination. The ombudsman monitors and promotes the status and rights of foreigners.

The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman can provide instructions, advice and recommendations, and find resolution in cases regarding discrimination.

Foreign diplomatic missions in Finland

Many countries have an embassy or consulate in Finland. The embassies are located in Helsinki. Some countries also have consulates in other cities. Please contact your country’s diplomatic mission if you need to take care of matters with officials of your native country.