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Säästä energiaa

Save energy

To ensure that there is enough electricity for everyone in Finland during the winter, every person, business and organisation must take part in saving energy. Controlled power outages may occur if the electricity consumption exceeds the electricity production.

The energy shortage is due to the fact that the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine has affected the energy situation in all of the EU. That is why the price of electricity in Europe has risen. Your electricity bill may go up, too.

This is how we can save energy together:

  • In Finland, electricity consumption is at its highest on weekdays at 8−10 and 16−18. During these times, it is not advisable to use appliances that consume a lot of electricity. Such appliances include, for example, the oven, dishwasher, washing machine, electric sauna and underfloor heating. It is better to use these appliances at other times.
  • Use less hot water. Take shorter showers.
  • Lower the room temperature. You can save five per cent of the energy spent on heating by lowering the room temperature by one degree. The recommended temperature for bedrooms is 18–20ºC and in the other rooms 20–21ºC.

In case of a power outage

If the electricity consumption in Finland exceeds the electricity production, the main network company Fingrid will make a decision to start controlled power outages. The power outage may last for up to two hours at a time. It may be announced in advance, or it can start unexpectedly.

If a power outage occurs:

  • Switch off electrical devices. It is especially important to turn off the stove, iron, coffee maker and washing machine. That way they will not start a fire when the power comes back on.
  • Do not open the freezer and fridge unnecessarily.
  • Do not call the emergency number for non-urgent matters. 
  • Do not flush the toilet.
  • Do not pour water down the drain.

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