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Pre-primary education

According to the law, children must attend pre-primary education or other similar activities for one year before compulsory education begins. Pre-primary education (esiopetus) prepares children for comprehensive school. Children normally enter pre-primary education at the age of six and comprehensive school at the age of seven.

Parents normally enrol their children in pre-primary education in January or February. Check the time well in advance with your local school services (koulutoimi) or education services (sivistystoimi).

Municipalities organise pre-primary education. Municipalities can also purchase pre-primary education services from private day care centres, for example.

Pre-primary education is free-of-charge. During the day, the child will receive a free meal. If the child lives far away (over 5 km) or the route is difficult, he or she will receive free transport.

In addition to pre-primary education, the child can also attend early childhood education.

A day in pre-primary education

A day in pre-primary education lasts about four hours. Children often attend pre-primary education on the premises of a day care centre or school.

In pre-primary education, children learn mathematics, environmental and natural awareness as well as art and culture. They pick up new things through play.

Parents have an important role in pre-primary education. They support their child’s learning. The teachers prepare an individual curriculum for each child. Parents can assist the instructors in the preparation of the plan.

Languages and cultures in pre-primary education

Children whose native language is something other than Finnish or Swedish will study Finnish or Swedish as a foreign language. In addition, they can study their own native language if the municipality organises such education.

In pre-primary education, children can receive education in their own religion or in ethics.

Pre-primary education teaches children to value their native language and culture. They also learn to respect the languages and cultures of other people.

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