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Tips for job hunting

When you apply for a job in Finland, you should prepare well. This page contains tips on how to apply for a job in Finland and information on where you can get support if needed.

Before you start looking for a job, think about your strengths, skills and interests, as well as what kind of work you are prepared to do and in what locality. Are you looking for full-time or part-time work? Do you want to work remotely?

Be active in job search. You should take advantage of your own networks and social media, and participate in recruitment events, workshops that support employment and various information events.

In Finland, job search requires initiative and planning. You should also prepare for the fact that sometimes the job search process may take several months.  

Learn about the organisation

Once you have found an interesting job advertisement, familiarise yourself with the organisation and the open position before submitting a job application. Visit the organisation’s website and familiarise yourself with the organisation: which industry does it operate in, what is being done there, what kind of organisational structure does it have, and what values and objectives guide the activities?

Create an interesting CV and application letter

When you apply for a job in Finland, you almost always need a CV and an application letter. A good CV and application letter will help you stand out from other applicants, and an employer may invite you for an interview or offer you a job.

If the employer you are interested in does not seem to have vacancies at the time, you can submit an open job application in which you express your desire to work there.

Read more on the InfoFinland page: Job application and CV.

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Tips for job hunting

Build networks for yourself

Networks play a central role in Finnish working life. Not all vacancies are always advertised openly, so networks of friends and acquaintances are important information channels for finding new jobs. In particular, the networks of workplaces are important.

Networks are useful in job search. Even short employment relationships or practical training periods can help you expand your network. Teachers, fellow students, acquaintances, ex-colleagues and supervisors are also part of your network.

Ask other people for tips on job hunting. Also consider whether there is a person in your own network who could tell you about job opportunities or recommend you.

Social media

You can use the social media in job hunting. Many employers advertise vacancies on, for example, LinkedIn. It is a good idea to create a LinkedIn profile if you apply for expert positions in Finland. Many employers also use X (formerly Twitter) as a communication channel. Job advertisements are also actively shared on Facebook, for example in groups of people from different industries or language backgrounds who have moved to Finland.

In these services, you can search for information on vacancies and build professional networks. You can receive important information on the activities of different organisations and topical matters in different fields or participate in discussions.

Maintain your skills

Maintain your skills, participate in continuing professional development and improve on your existing skills. Visit professional events of your own field, engage in voluntary work or apply for mentoring activities.

Read more on the InfoFinland page Voluntary work.

Apply for work through labour hire agencies

The work may be short-term, but it can give you useful experience and new contacts. You make a contract with the agency, which sends you to work at another employer. You can also find permanent employment through a company like this.

In Finland, employment services are always free of charge for employees. Never pay for employment services.

Attend recruitment events

There are a lot of recruitment events all over Finland, where organisations and employers from many different sectors showcase their own activities and vacancies. Recruitment events are a great way to find out about vacancies, make new contacts and meet employers face-to-face.

Many events also offer CV workshops where you can refine your CV. Some events showcase jobs where you can manage in English. You can find information about recruitment events and fairs on your local employment services website or on the Internet by searching for “rekrytointitapahtuma.”

Job search services

Help with finding work is available from, for example, advisors at International Houses all over Finland, TE-toimisto and municipal employment services.

International House Helsinki

If you are considering moving to Finland and especially Helsinki, Espoo or Vantaa, you can ask the experts at International House Helsinki for advice in advance. The advisors can provide you with information on living and working in Finland, as well as instructions on what you must to do before and after the move.

Employment services and TE Offices

If you live in Finland and you are an unemployed jobseeker, you can get employment support services from the employment services of your municipality. Read more about employment support services on the InfoFinland page If you become unemployed.

You can receive general guidance and advice on job search even if you are not a client of employment services or TE-toimisto.

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Preliminary-stage advisory services

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Job search services