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Residence permit problems

Need advice in residence permit issues? This page contains information on where you can get help and advice.

Advice in residence permit issues

If you have problems or there is some confusion about your residence permit, you can ask the following parties for advice:

  • Finnish Immigration Service
  • Finnish diplomatic missions abroad
  • guidance and counselling services of your own municipality for immigrants in Finland
  • Refugee Advice Centre
  • legal aid offices.

The Finnish Immigration Service website contains a lot of information on residence permits. The Finnish Immigration Service also provides telephone advice concerning permits.

Finnish diplomatic missions abroad serve people applying for a residence permit from abroad.

Many cities have immigrant information services that employ advisors specialised in immigration.

The Refugee Advice Centre provides legal aid in asylum processes and in other residence permits processes. It also gives general legal advice on asylum and residence permit issues.

You can also contact legal aid offices in situations where you need advice or legal assistance on residence permit issues.

Please note that decisions concerning residence permits can only be made by the Finnish Immigration Service.

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Information on residence permits

Link redirects to another websiteThe Finnish Refugee Advice Centre

Legal advice

Link redirects to another websiteMinistry for Foreign Affairs

Finnish diplomatic missions abroad

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Information on legal aid

Local information