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Child benefit


For every child living in Finland and covered by Finnish social security, Kela pays child benefit. Child benefit is paid until the child turns 17.

You can apply for child benefit from Kela either via Kela's website or by a paper form. The online service is available in Finnish and Swedish. You can apply for child benefit at the same time as you apply for parental allowance. Apply for child benefit in good time. It will only be paid retroactively for a period of 6 months.

The amount of child benefit for the first child is approximately EUR 100 per month. There will be a slightly raised child benefit for each following child.

A parent who lives alone with one or several children can get a single-parent supplement to the child benefit for each child.

The child benefit is paid monthly, usually to the mother’s, father’s or another guardian’s bank account.

No tax is paid on the child benefit.

In some cases, child benefit can also be paid abroad if you or your spouse are covered by Finnish social security. The Kela website contains further information on situations in which family benefits are paid abroad.