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Suomessa ilman oleskelulupaa

In Finland without a residence permit

If you need a visa or residence permit for residence in Finland but do not have one, you are in Finland illegally. Asylum seekers have the right to stay in Finland without a visa or residence permit for the duration of the processing of their asylum application.

Even if you have arrived in Finland legally, your stay may become illegal if, for example, you remain in the country even though you have not received a residence permit or the validity of your visa or residence permit has expired.

Information about how to obtain a residence permit for Finland is available on the InfoFinland page Moving to Finland.

Help and advice

Food assistance and accommodation

If you have no money for food or no place to stay the night, you are entitled to emergency accommodation and food assistance. Emergency accommodation is organised by municipalities, parishes and some organisations.

Legal advice

The Refugee Advice Centre provides free legal advice to undocumented immigrants. Advice is available at the number 045 237 7104 (Mondays 2 pm–4 pm). The advice is provided by a lawyer. You can also contact the centre by e-mail: paperittomat(at) More information is available on the website of the Refugee Advice Centre.

Medical care

If you fall ill or get injured, you are entitled to urgent and necessary medical care in public health care, for example at a health centre or hospital.

Public health care in Finland is organised by the wellbeing services counties (hyvinvointialue). If you need health services, please contact the nearest health and social services centre (sosiaali- ja terveyskeskus) in your residential area.

If you are in Finland without a residence permit, you can access health-related advice, guidance to treatment and multi-professional help through Global Clinic. You can find the contact information on the Global Clinic website.

Read more on the health services of undocumented migrants on the InfoFinland page Health services in Finland.

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Legal advice

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Healthcare and social welfare for undocumented persons