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Holidays and leaves

When you work in Finland, you have a legal right to annual holidays and leave in various situations in life. This page also contains information on family leave, study leave and unpaid leave.

When you work in Finland, you have a legal right to annual holidays. You receive holiday pay during your annual holidays. In addition, you may receive a holiday bonus if such has been agreed in the collective agreement.

You can also legally get leave in various life situations, such as pregnancy, giving birth or caring for an infant or a sick child. Finnish law also provides opportunities for study and self-improvement, and strives to ensure your ability to cope at work, throughout your working career.

Ask your employer or supervisor about the terms. You can also check the terms from your collective agreement, trade union or shop steward.

Annual holidays

If you work at least 14 days or 35 hours per month, you will accrue annual holidays. If you work less than that, you have a right to leave and to holiday compensation paid during leave.

The number of days of annual holidays is calculated from 1 April to 31 March (for example, from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024). How many days you accrue per calendar month depends on the length of your employment. For example, if you start a new job on 1 May and your employment lasts for six months, you will accrue two days of annual holidays per each month of work, which makes 12 days of annual holidays in total. This requires that you have worked at least 14 days or 35 hours per month. To find out the exact number, ask your employer or trade union.

Often, in a short employment relationship, such as a summer job, annual holidays are paid in cash with the last salary payment.

The holiday season is from 2 May to 30 September. You usually have to take your summer holiday during this time period. Most people who live in Finland take some annual holidays in July. Inform your employer when you would like to take your annual holidays. However, your employer will decide when you can take annual holidays.

During annual holidays, you receive holiday pay. Your employer must give you a holiday payslip. If your employment ends, you have a right to receive holiday compensation for any days of annual holidays or leave that you did not take.

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Annual holidays

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Guide: Annual Holidays Act

Unpaid leave

If you want unpaid leave (palkaton vapaa) for reasons other than childcare or studies, you must agree on it with your employer in writing.

The employer has the right to refuse to give unpaid leave. Similarly, your employer cannot force you to take unpaid leave.

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Different types of leave