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Työ ja yrittäjyys Tampereella

Work and Enterprise in Tampere


Local information

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This page contains information about services in Tampere. Other important information on the subject can be found on the page Work and enterprise

Where to find work?

You can look for jobs online and in newspapers. To find a variety of recruitment websites online, enter “avoimet työpaikat” (vacancies) in the text field of the search engine. On many recruitment and corporate websites, you can submit a job application and curriculum vitae (CV) to the employer. You can also send an open application to an interesting employer independently.

In addition to this, it is a good idea to look for jobs through social media (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn).

Employment and Economic Development Offices

The Employment and Economic Development Office website provides information on finding a job, choosing an occupation, training and unemployment security.

Employment and Economic Development Offices (TE Offices) serve both jobseekers and employers. TE Offices provide assistance in finding employment and their employment website ( lists thousands of jobs across Finland. The TE-info website includes brochures and videos aimed at immigrants in many different languages.

The Pirkanmaa TE Office provides assistance in finding employment in Tampere and the Pirkanmaa region. It can provide you with information on jobs, training and student applications. Book a personal appointment to assess your occupational competencies and training needs.

Pirkanmaa TE Office
Pellavatehtaankatu 25
33100 Tampere
Tel. 0295 025 500 Job seeker
Tel. 0295 040 019 Work permit matters

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Job hunting

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Work permits

International Tampere

International Tampere brings together local businesses and international talent. The website brings together information about events and services in the Tampere region in English to forge links between our international and business communities. Visit the website for useful information about working in Tampere and opportunities for professional networking. You can also join the International Tampere - Linking Bright Business with Internationals LinkedIn group.

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International Tampere - LinkedIn -group


Tuni is a website maintained by Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere, which provides information about job-seeking and links to recruitment websites.

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Links for job-seeking

Vacancies of the City of Tampere

The City of Tampere employs approximately 15,000 people. Information about the city as an employer and vacancies is available online. Through the city's website, you can also look for available jobs or submit an open application.

The employment service TYPA arranges trial work periods for immigrants in City of Tampere units, companies and associations.

Setting up a business

Advice and instructions for setting up a business can be obtained from the Enterprise Finland online service and helpline, which are maintained by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre). The national helpline of Enterprise Finland provides information and advice concerning matters related to setting up a business – 0295 020 500.

The Enterprise Agency Ensimetri provides information and assistance in matter related to establishing a business and entrepreneurship. Make an appointment for free-of-charge advice. Ensimetri also organises training for new entrepreneurs.

Enterprise Agency Ensimetri
Kalevantie 2
33100 Tampere
Tel. 050 565 8000 (appointments)

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Business counselling

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Business counselling

Cooperative entrepreneurship

A cooperative is a company engaging in business operations, which is owned by members of the cooperative. Some cooperatives are established for the purpose of employing their members. Setting up a cooperative does not normally require a large amount of capital, as the participation share defined by the founders is enough.

The Tampere Region Cooperative Centre is an information point for cooperative entrepreneurs. It provides up-to-date information, expert guidance and practically-oriented training related to cooperative entrepreneurship and business operations.

The Pirkanmaan Yrittäjät ry association is a joint organisation and lobbyist for entrepreneurs in the region. Its website contains information about business operations and entrepreneurship in Pirkanmaa.

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Cooperative entrepreneurship

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Information for entrepreneurs


You need a tax card to work. You can obtain one at a tax office, which in Tampere is the Tax Office of Inland Finland. You can also order a tax card on the Tax Administration's website.

If you work on a construction site in Finland, you will need an individual tax number (veronumero) The tax number is used to track that all workers are registered with the Finnish Tax Administration. Your tax number must be listed on your name tag with your photo, which will be provided for you by your employer. You are not allowed to work on a construction site without this tag. In order to receive a tax number, you must first have a Finnish personal identity code.

The Tax Administration's website contains information about the taxation of people moving to Finland from abroad.

Contact information of the Tax Office:
Hatanpään valtatie 36
PL 705, 33101 Tampere
Tel. 029 512 000 (national switchboard)
Open Mon-Fri 9 am-4:15 pm (summer 9 am-12 pm)

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Tax Administration helpline

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Tax number

If you lose your job

If you lose your job, register as a job-seeker at an Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) so that you can apply for unemployment benefit. You can register as a job-seeker through the online service ( -&gt, sähköinen asiointi) using your online banking credentials or an identity card with a chip. You can also register as a job-seeker without banking credential, but in this case, the job search will not begin until you are in contact with the Employment and Economic Development Office personally. Contact the Employment and Economic Development Office either by telephone or through the electronic contact form available on the website of the Pirkanmaa Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office).

Pirkanmaa TE Office
Pellavatehtaankatu 25
33100 Tampere
Tel. 0295 025 500 Job seeker

Once you have registered as a job-seeker at the TE Office, you can apply for unemployment benefit (unemployment allowance or labour market subsidy) from Kela. The labour market subsidy for unemployed immigrants is paid as integration support for the first three years in the country. Many Kela benefits can also be applied for online.

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Job hunting


Pension is paid by pension insurance institutions and Kela. More information about pensions and applying for them is available on the Kela website and the InfoFinland page Pension.