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Asettuminen Kajaaniin

Settling in Kajaani


Local information

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Guidence and advisory services for immigrants

Kajaani international services

Kajaani International services provide guidance and advice to foreigners who have moved to Kajaani and Kainuu for various reasons.

  • Reception services for asylum seekers
  • Integration services for refugees, people who have received a residence permit through the asylum process and foreign-language unemployed jobseekers
  • Resettlement services for international students, labor migrants and their family members
  • International Info Kajaani offers guidance and information services for foreigners living in Kajaani and people working with them.

Kajaani International services provide initial assessments, integration and settlement plans to support the integration of clients.

To make an appointment, please contact Kajaani International Info.
Kajaani International Info is open Mon-Fri 9-15
phone: + 358 40 559 6732
Kajaani International services
Pohjolankatu 13 (Kaupungintalo) 
87100 Kajaani 

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Kajaani International Services

Ohjaamo Kajaani

Help Centre Ohjaamo Kajaani is a service centre of the City of Kajaani for people under 30 years of age.
It offers guidance, support and advice in different situations and a wide range of leisure activities.
Ohjaamo Kajaani is located in the city centre of Kajaani.
Ohjaamo Kajaani is a centre for multicultural youth work.

Ohjaamo Kajaani
Pohjolankatu 16
87100 Kajaani

Info point open Mon-Fri 9–16
phone: +358 44 4214373 
e-mail: ohjaamo.nuppa(at)

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Ohjaamo Kajaani

Initial assessment and integration plan

Initial assessments and integration plans for immigrants are carried out in Kajaani International services.
For international students and labour migrants, a settlement plan can be made before or after the move.

To make an appointment, please contact Kajaani International Info.

Kajaani International Info
Pohjolankatu 13 (Kaupungintalo)
87100 Kajaani

phone: + 358 40 559 6732

Kajaani International Info is open Mon-Fri 9–15

Residence permit extension

Apply for an extended residence permit before your current residence permit expires.
You can apply in person at the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri).

Applications can be made via EnterFinland.

Once you have submitted your application, you must visit the Immigration Service to prove your identity.
You have three months from the date of your application to do this.
When you need to visit an Immigration Service office, make an appointment in advance.
You can book an appointment on the website of Finnish Immigration Service.
You can log in to the online services using your Finnish bank codes or a mobile certificate.

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The Finnish immigration service

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There is no Finnish Immigration Service office in Kajaani. You may visit the office in Oulu or Kuopio for example.

Finnish Immigration Service Oulu office
Tutkijankuja 9
90590 Oulu
Open Mon-Fri 8-16.15 (closed on Thursdays).

Finnish Immigration Service Kuopio office
Ajurinkatu 45
70110 Kuopio 

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