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Local information

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According to Finnish law, marriage is a statutory relationship between two people. It is entered into through a marriage ceremony. Before the marriage ceremony, you must request in writing an investigation of the possible impediments to the marriage. This investigation is performed at the local register office. You can submit the investigation request to any of the offices.

Civil marriages are also usually performed at the local register office.

Marriage-related matters: +358 295 536 244

  • examination of impediments to marriage
  • wedding appointment
  • prenuptial agreement
  • cohabitation
  • certificate of non-impediment

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You can also contact the agency by e-mail:



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Divorce applications are filed at the office of the district court of the domicile of one of the spouses. Applications can also be sent by post or e-mail. Spouses may file for divorce either jointly or alone. If only one of the spouses is an applicant, the district court will notify the other spouse of the application and give him or her the opportunity to express his or her views in writing. A registered partnership can also be dissolved by a decision of the district court. The same provisions apply to the dissolution of a registered partnership as to divorce.

A six-month long reflection period begins when the application is filed with the court. After the reflection period, the spouses must apply for a final divorce with a new application to the district court. If the divorce is not applied for within one year of the beginning of the reflection period prescribed by the district court, the divorce lapses.

Northern Savonia District Court

Savonkatu 26

74100 Iisalmi

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Children in a divorce

If you have children and are considering filing for divorce, please contact the child welfare officer. Agreements on the child’s custody and visitation rights between the child’s parents are approved by the social welfare committee of the child’s place of residence (the child welfare supervisor). If the parents cannot reach a mutual agreement on the matter of the child’s custody and visitation rights, the matter is referred to the court.

More information and contact information:

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When you are pregnant

The purpose of the maternity clinic is to ensure the well-being of pregnant women and foetuses, prevent problems during pregnancy, identify problems and disorders during pregnancy as early as possible, and immediately arrange the necessary treatment, help and support. Another aim is to promote the health and well-being of the future parents and the whole family and to support the health and safety of the child’s growth environment. Please make an appointment at a maternity clinic as soon as possible after taking a positive pregnancy test.

You can contact the maternity clinic by booking a telephone appointment online, by calling during the helpline hours or by chat.

More information and contact information:

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Taking care of a child

A family living in or moving to Iisalmi can apply electronically for a municipal early childhood education place or a private early childhood education service voucher for their children as well as register their children for pre-primary education and for early childhood education after pre-primary education.

More information and application instructions:

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Taking care of a child at home

If the youngest child of the family is under three years of age, one of the parents may receive a child home care allowance if they take care of the child at home. If you are entitled to child home care allowance, you can apply for it from Kela. You can fill in the application online or send it to Kela by post. You can also visit a Kela office.

Street address:

Päiviönkatu 14

74100 Iisalmi

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