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Asettuminen Tampereelle

Settling in Tampere


Local information

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Multilingual info Mainio

Multilingual Information and Guidance Services Mainio provides guidance in various everyday matters. The centre provides services in 16 different languages. The most common consultation languages are Somali, Russian, Chinese, English, Dari, Kurdish and Arabic. All the advisors also speak Finnish. The service is open and free for all, regardless of background or reasons for entering the country. You need not book an appointment.

The most common questions asked at the centre have to do with the Finnish social security (Kela), housing, studying the Finnish language and the immigration process in general. The centre also provides help in filling forms and interpreting the meaning of correspondence from the authorities. The centre also gives information on Finnish language courses and shares tips on searching for employment or finding an internship position.

Multilingual info Mainio
Rautatienkatu 10 (1. krs)
33100 Tampere
E-mail: mainio(at)

The Social Services Counselling Point is your source for information on the social services provided by the City. If necessary, the customer will be assigned an appointment with a social worker or social instructor to assess the need for support. The service is also available in Somali, Dari, Persian and Arabic.

Social Services Counselling Point
Sarvis Social Office
Hatanpäänkatu 3 F (3rd floor)
33900 Tampere
Tel. 03 5657 0200, open Mon–Fri 9–15

Kototori is a multilingual, easily accessible place for guidance and information in Hervanta. At Kototori, guidance and advice is provided in a variety of languages, both by appointment and without one.

We offer service in Finnish, English, Arabic, Persian/Dari and Somali. Kototori’s multilingual guidance counsellors work together with City of Tampere social services professionals as well as volunteers.

tel. 041 730 0277
Lindforsinkatu 8 (1st floor)
33720 Tampere

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Advice for immigrants

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First-phase services for immigrants

The first-phase services for immigrants are provided at the Sarvis Social Office. Immigrants' first-phase services support their clients' integration into Finnish society and the Tampere area.

The initial services for refugees and returnees are provided by integration social work services. An integration plan is drawn up for each client and this plan helps that individual and his/her family to integrate and maintain a good quality of life in their new environment.

Immigrants' first-phase services
Sarvis Social Office
Itsenäisyydenkatu 17 (5th floor)
33500 Tampere
Tel. 040 806 2771, counselling and appointment bookings

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Services for immigrants

People moving to Finland independently

People who move to Finland independently include those who come to work or study in Finland as well as those who move to Finland as a result of marriage. Social and health services for people who have moved to Finland independently (and have been granted a residence permit) are provided at the regional services intended for all local residents. Student health services are provided by the Tampere City Student Health Care or FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service).

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Student healthcare

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Services for students

Initial surveys for new immigrants

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Advice for immigrants

International House Tampere

Services for international clients for relocation, work, education, and meeting employers. 

International House Tampere is a conglomeration of City of Tampere services for educational and labour immigration, multilingual guidance, and talent development and recruitment. Through us, you can receive information and guidance for relocating to Tampere, settlement, job-seeking, education, and entrepreneurship.

Participants in International House Tampere include the City of Tampere Employment and Growth Services, Multilingual Info Mainio, Tampere Vocational College Tredu, the Tampere universities, and Pirkanmaa region TE services.

Contact us:

tel. 041 730 2769

Multicultural activities

The website of the City of Tampere cultural services contains information on multicultural activities. MOMU Multicultural Museum Services offer immigrants an excellent opportunity to learn more about the culture, nature and history of their new home town.

The Tampere branch of the Finnish Red Cross organises multicultural activities, such as friendship activities and an open meeting place in Tampuri.

The Naistari multicultural meeting place for women provides immigrant women and children a space where they can safely participate in various activities. At Naistari, immigrant women can study Finnish, practice Finnish conversations and share their experiences of life in Finland.

The activities organised at Tampere Girls’ House (Tampereen Tyttöjen Talo®) are aimed at girls and young women in the Pirkanmaa region between the ages of 12 and 28. You can come to the Girls’ House to spend time, engage in recreational activities, meet new friends, participate in groups or receive conversation-based assistance.

Mattila is a civic house with a relaxed atmosphere that is open to all men. The activities are religiously and politically unaffiliated. The activities are developed and created together with the community.

Kölvi activities are a form of multicultural youth work aimed at young male immigrants. The activities provide opportunities to meet other young people as well as participate in various recreational activities and events.

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Intercultural activities

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Multicultural Museum Services

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Multicultural activities

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Multicultural activities for girls

Interpretation and translation services

If you cannot speak Finnish or Swedish, you may use an interpreter when conducting official business. The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela), the Employment and Business Office (TE Office), and the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) will in some cases provide a client with an interpreter. In such a case, there is no cost to you. Always ask the official authority in question about an interpreter beforehand, or ask for help from Multilingual Info Mainio.

If you book an interpreter yourself and pay for the costs, you can use an interpreter whenever you want. Many businesses in Tampere offer interpretation services. Look up these businesses e.g. online. You can also look for an interpreter or a translator through the search engine on the website of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters.

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Interpretation and translation services

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Find an interpreter or translator