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Housing in Turku


Local information

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This page provides information on housing in Turku. For further important information on this topic, please see Housing.


Rental housing

You may rent housing from a private landlord or landlady, a company or a public corporation such as TVT Rental Housing, VVO, YH Kodit or a parish that accepts applications for housing.

Housing owned by the City of Turku is rented by real estate company TVT Asunnot Oy (TVT Rental Housing). Rental costs for housing owned by the City are lower than for housing offered by other landlords.

To apply for housing via TVT, you are welcome to submit an application form. The housing application can be filled in online by visiting the company website or at the office.

TVT Asunnot Oy

Käsityöläiskatu 3

20100 Turku

Tel. 02 262 4111

Rental service (02) 262 4888


Link redirects to another websiteTVT Asunnot Oy

Ren­tal ho­mes in Tur­ku

Student housing

If you are a student, you may apply for rental housing that is intended especially for students. The rental costs of student housing are typically lower than those of other housing.

Student housing is rented by, e.g.

Student Village Foundation of Turku

The Student Village 12A

FI-20540 TURKU

tel. (02) 2750 200


Link redirects to another websiteTurku Student Village Foundation

Book an appointment TYS

Link redirects to another websiteThe Student Village Foundation of Turku

Rental apartments for students

For a summary of information on rental housing and student housing in Turku, please see:

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Student housing

Rental apartments


Privately owned housing

Several real estate agents that sell housing can be found on the Internet. Housing prices vary, depending on the type of housing and location. Banks and other financial institutions can grant loans to private persons for the purpose of purchasing housing.

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Buying a home

Right-of-occupancy housing

You can apply for a right-of-occupancy home if:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You are not in possession of privately owned housing or funds to purchase it (if you are 55 years old or above, wealth restrictions do not apply to you).

In Turku, right-of-occupancy housing can be applied for by submitting a form that is available on the VASO website.

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Right-of-occupancy housing

Assisted and service housing

Some individuals, including the elderly and disabled persons, may experience trouble with coping at home without help. In such cases, the wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland is responsible for arranging services aimed at enabling these individuals to lead independent lives.

Elderly and disabled persons who are incapable of independent living may be provided housing in assisted living facilities or in an institution.

If you require services in relation to assisted and service housing, please contact your local social service unit or a home care counsellor. Further information is available on the website.

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Supported and service housing

Practical housing tips

The InfoFinland website contains a substantial amount of practical information on housing:

Read more about regulations and rights related to housing on the InfoFinland website: Rights and obligations of occupants

If you are a resident of a rental property owned by the City of Turku or TVT Rental Housing, you may request advice and assistance from a housing consultant. They will be able to offer guidance on matters related to rental payment issues, housing support and benefit applications, and other housing-related issues.

Housing consultant contact details:

TVT Asunnot Oy

Käsityöläiskatu 3

20100 Turku

tel. (02) 262 4169 and (02) 262 2758


Akseli Kiinteistöpalvelu is a property service company operating in Lauste and Varissuo whose website features housing-related guidance. Akseli Kiinteistöpalvelu also has offices in Varissuo and Lauste.

Link redirects to another websiteAkseli kiinteistöpalvelut

Akseli kiinteistöpalvelut

Many other suburbs also have their own property maintenance companies. They can be located by completing a web search using the name of your residential area and “huolto” (maintenance) as search terms.


Waste management and recycling

Regular waste can be disposed of by using the waste bins provided for your own housing. One should not, however, use the waste bins to dispose of, e.g. toxic chemicals or electrical equipment: it is necessary to dispose of such waste at a recycling point. Glass, metal, plastic, paper and cardboard are also separately collected. Please dispose of these materials using the correct waste bins in your own housing co-operative or at a separate recycling point.

To locate a recycling point near you, visit the website of Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto or the kierrä web service hosted by the Finnish Solid Waste Association.

Link redirects to another websiteSouthwestern Finland's waste management

Southwestern Finland's waste management

Link redirects to another websiteFinnish Solid Waste Association

Kierrä (

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Waste management and recycling


Community Mediation Centre

The Community Mediation Centre resolves disputes between residents and offers housing guidance to encourage neighbours to reach a mutual agreement in the event of disagreements. One is welcome to request advice and assistance with resolving a dispute in the case of a disagreement between neighbours.

To contact a dispute mediator in Turku, please telephone +358 (0)45 110 3483.

Link redirects to another websiteFinnish Refugee Council

Community Mediation Centre

Housing allowance

Information on housing benefits can be found on the InfoFinland website Housing allowance.

You may be eligible for a housing allowance if your income is low and you are a permanent resident of Finland. The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) offers a range of housing allowances to support the management of housing costs. The allowance is not automatically provided and because of this it is recommended to check which benefit is most suited for you or your family prior to submitting a housing allowance application. You may apply for a housing allowance via Kela. It is also possible to apply for a housing allowance on the Internet.

Kela Turku

Aurakatu 8

20100 Turku

Kela Skanssi (The Kela office is located at the Monitori Customer Service Centre)

Skanssi Shopping Centre

Skanssinkatu 10

Housing in a crisis and homelessness

If your housing has been damaged due to, e.g. a fire or water damage, home insurance can in certain instances cover the additional living costs incurred. Make sure to contact your insurance company immediately after the accident.

In some cases, it is also possible to receive assistance via social services: Contact your own social worker or the Social Emergency Services. Call +358 (0)2 262 6003 during working hours. In the evening or during the weekend, call the emergency number 112, which will enable you to contact the Turku area Social Emergency Services.

If a family member subjects you to or threatens you with violence, you can contact a shelter for help.

Turun ensi- ja turvakoti ry:

Inspehtorinkatu 7

20810 TURKU

Tel. +358 (0)2 5134 100


If you are young and are experiencing problems at home, you may contact the Finnish Red Cross Turku Youth Shelter. The Youth Shelter offers counselling and temporary space for overnight stays.

Finnish Red Cross Turku Youth Shelter

Yliopistonkatu 24 A 21

20100 Turku

Tel. 02 253 9667


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