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Perhe Kokkolassa

Family in Kokkola


Local information

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Before getting married, you must request in writing an examination of the possible impediments to your marriage. This examination is performed at a Local Register Office. The written request can be submitted to any Local Register Office.

Local Register Office of West Finland

Kokkola unit

Kaarlelankatu 27, P.O. Box 581

67701 Kokkola

Telephone: 029 553 9451

Email address: info.lansi-suomi(at)

Further information: Marriage.


The wife or husband alone, or both spouses together, can file for a divorce. A divorce application is filed at a District Court of either spouse’s municipality. A divorce must be applied for at a District Court by written application.

Ostrobothnia District Court

Street address: Kaarlelankatu 27, 67100 Kokkola

Postal address: P.O. Box 120, 67101 Kokkola

Telephone: 029 56 49294

Email: keski-pohjanmaa.ko(at)

Further information: Divorce.

Children in a divorce

If your family includes children and your marriage comes to an end, you should contact a child supervisor. The child supervisor will confirm an agreement on living arrangements, custody, visitation rights and child maintenance support.

Child supervisor

Pitkänsillankatu 1-3

67100 Kokkola

Telephone consultation and appointments

Mon–Fri at 11 am−12 noon

Telephone: 06 826 4111

Further information: Children in a divorce.

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Child supervisors

When you are pregnant

Contact a maternity clinic, when you notice that you are pregnant. The well-being of the mother, baby and the whole family is monitored at a maternity clinic during pregnancy. You can ask for instructions by phone from the centralized telephone service for maternity clinics (06) 826 4477.

Further information: Pregnancy and childbirth.

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Maternity clinics

Child care

There are municipal day care centres, family day care centres, family day care providers and children’s clubs in Kokkola. In addition, there are outsourced day-care centres, a private day care centre and private family day care providers in Kokkola.

You can apply for an early childhood education place for your child either online using the service or by completing a form that is available on the city's website (early childhood education application).

An application must be submitted four months before you need an early childhood education place for your child. A day care place can be granted sooner, if necessary, if you get a job or place of study, for example.

You can submit an application to the early childhood education place, the Office Services for Early Childhood Education (varhaiskasvatuksen toimistopalvelut) or use the letterbox in the lower hallway of the Education Office.

You can apply for a place in a children’s club by completing an early childhood education application form that is available on the city's website.

You can also post the applications to the following address:

Sivistyskeskus (Education Office)

Varhaiskasvatuspalvelut (Early Childhood Education Services)

Rantakatu 16, 6. krs

67100 Kokkola

Further information: Taking care of a child

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Family day care centres

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Day care forms

Looking after a child at home

If the youngest child in a family is under the age of three, a parent can receive child home care allowance, when he or she takes care of the child at home. If you are entitled to child home care allowance, you can apply for it from Kela. You can fill in an application form online or send it to Kela by post. You can also visit a Kela office.

The city of Kokkola grants an additional Kokkola allowance for those families that take care of their child under the age of three at home. You can apply for the Kokkola allowance if you take care of all the children in the family that are under school age at home. Kokkola allowance is granted together with the granting of child home care allowance if your family meets the criteria for granting the allowance.

Further information: Benefits for looking after a child at home.

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Kokkola allowance