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Housing in Iisalmi


Local information

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Rental home

Petterinkulma Oy is a limited company founded by the Town of Iisalmi in 1965. It produces and maintains rental homes in the Iisalmi region. The company owns nearly 1,500 units, which are home to about 2,200 people in Iisalmi. Petterinkulma’s rental homes are affordable and in good condition. They are located in different parts of the town. Petterinkulma follows good rental practices in all its activities and is a safe and reliable landlord.

Petterinkulma Oy

Kirkonsalmentie 12


Customer service on weekdays:

9:30–11:00 and 11:30–15:00 (office closed on Mondays)

Applying for housing:

tel. +358 20 743 9126


You can also apply for housing using an electronic form.

More information: Rental home

Buying a home

Most Finns live in owner-occupied homes, that is, homes they own. Buying a home is often cheaper in the long term than living in a rental home. Information on homes for sale is available from real estate agencies, local newspapers and housing websites, for example.

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Temporary housing

Whether you want to relax in the town centre or close to nature, you can find an option that suits your needs in the area. Hotel-level accommodation is offered by, for example, Hotel Golden Dome, Iisalmen Seurahuone, Original Sokos Hotel Koljonvirta and Sininen Helmi. For those looking for holiday cottages in Iisalmi, there are alternatives for groups of different sizes. Businesses providing services include Haapaniemen matkailu, Jokiniemen matkailu, Villa Kirmakka and Ylämäen Virkistyslomat. Koljonvirran kartano is a manor house offering affordable rooms for guests and summer cottage accommodation in a camping area.

Contact information:

Housing in a crisis situation

If you become homeless due to a crisis or accident, contact the social welfare centre of Ylä-Savon SOTE Joint Municipal Authority.

Guidance and counselling:

Regional service numbers +358 40 7126 992 or +358 40 7126 738

The service is available from Monday to Friday at 9:00–15:00.

Emergency Social Services +358 44 718 3930

Emergency Social Services help in acute crisis situations around the clock.

If your home has been damaged, for example by a fire or water damage, home insurance can, in some cases, cover a part of the additional living expenses. Contact your insurance company immediately after the damage has occurred.

If a member of your family is violent or threatens violence against you, you can contact the Kuopio Shelter. A shelter is a place that is open around the clock where a person or family experiencing domestic violence or threat thereof can go on their own initiative or under the guidance of an authority or other body, including anonymously, if necessary. The service consists of immediate crisis assistance, 24-hour sheltered housing and psychosocial support, advice and guidance related to the acute situation for people who have experienced or live under the threat of domestic violence. The services are available to everyone who needs them regardless of where they live. The services are available not only to families but also to individual clients, regardless of age. The shelter services are free of charge.

Contact information:

Kuopio Shelter (THL)

Lastentie 1 A, door B

70620 KUOPIO (map(Link leads to external service))

Tel.: +358 17 183 393 (open 24 hours)

If someone is threatening or using violence against you, you can also call the emergency number 112.

Supported and service housing

Elderly people’s 24-hour service housing is arranged for persons who need service around the clock. The client’s functional ability has been significantly reduced and the client can no longer manage with home care or ordinary service housing. The client needs a lot of help in their daily activities. The granting of 24-hour service housing is based on the service level specifications and award criteria of the joint municipal authority. The services are subject to client fees confirmed by the joint municipal authority.

When arranging housing for persons with intellectual disabilities, the concepts of assisted, guided and supported housing are used in practical work. Assisted housing means 24-hour service housing for the persons with intellectual disabilities, guided housing refers to housing services in a housing unit without monitoring at night, and supported housing means guidance and support services provided at the client’s own home. Ylä-Savon SOTE Joint Municipal Authority has four housing units for persons with intellectual disabilities, and service housing is also arranged as a service outsourced from private service providers.

Further information:

The Housing Foundation for Intellectually Disabled in Savo (Savas) provides housing services for persons with intellectual disabilities, persons on the autism spectrum, mental health rehabilitees and other persons in need of support. The Foundation’s service homes are safe and cosy communities where each resident has their own private apartment. Some service homes also offer temporary accommodation. Temporary housing services allow persons with intellectual disabilities and persons on the autism spectrum living at home to practise independent living as well as support the coping of families and carers. In addition, the Foundation rents support apartments for special groups to people who want to live independently but need guidance and other support.

Contact information:

TUPA Iisalmi

Tiirankatu 8, 74120 IISALMI

The Aspa Foundation’s Aronia home in Iisalmi offers services for people of all ages: children, young people, adults and families. The instructors help the clients with many things. The clients may have challenges in everyday life and in their personal lives, mental health and substance abuse problems or neuropsychiatric disorders, or they may be children or young people using the services of child welfare or child welfare’s aftercare.

Contact information:

Aronia home director

tel. +358 44 419 5985

More information: Supported and service housing


If you become homeless, please contact Iisalmi’s housing services company, Petterinkulma Oy.

Contact information:

Petterinkulma Oy

Kirkonsalmentie 12



More information: Homelessness

Waste management at home

Waste should be sorted into the correct collection containers because improperly sorted waste may contaminate the entire load of recoverable waste.

For more information on sorting waste, please contact:

The most common hazardous waste in a home is, for example, waste electrical and electronic equipment, energy-saving light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and batteries. The reception point for hazardous waste and electrical equipment can be found at the Ylä-Savo waste centre at Kierrätyskatu 15, 74140 Iisalmi. Check the opening hours:

More information on recycling is available on the:


More information: Waste and recycling