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Asettuminen Iisalmeen

Settling in Iisalmi


Local information

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Immigrant guidance and integration

Iisalmi’s employment and international services provide guidance and advice for all immigrants living in Ylä-Savo. The unit organises reception and integration services for both refugees and immigrants whose stay in the country is based on work, family ties and studies, and collaborate with authorities, educational institutions and organisations.

Iisalmi’s employment and international services

Pohjolankatu 9b

74100 Iisalmi

When you have just moved to Finland, you can apply for services from the Employment and Economic Development Office, or TE Services, to help you integrate and find a job. Services specifically intended for immigrants include:

  • guidance and counselling for immigrants
  • initial assessment
  • integration plan
  • integration training

Contact information

Karjalankatu 3, Iisalmi

PO Box 2000, 70101 Kuopio


Initial assessment and integration plan

The initial assessment includes an initial interview and, if necessary, a language test and a skill survey. The interview includes discussing and determining the client’s educational background, work experience, language skills and other matters related to living in Finland. During the initial assessment, information is provided about studying Finnish, finding employment, getting an education and different services in the region. The interview is conducted either in the client’s own native language or another language they understand.

More information on the initial assessment and the preparation of the integration plan is available from the Iisalmi’s immigrant and refugee services and from TE Services.

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Do you need an interpreter?

If you do not speak Finnish or Swedish and have no other common language with the authority, you are sometimes entitled to interpreting services in official matters. The authority will book an interpreter for you if you have indicated in advance that you need one. In this case, it will not cost you anything.

You can use an interpreter whenever you want if you pay the costs and book the interpreter yourself.

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