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Työ ja yrittäjyys Kokkolassa

Work and enterprise in Kokkola

In Kokkola, it is easy to combine interesting work with a functional everyday life. See which services can help you with your job seeking in Kokkola.

Local information

Select your municipality in order to see information about local services when browsing the site.

Where to find work?

You can look for jobs on the Internet, for example. To find web pages for jobs on the Internet, write “avoimet työpaikat” (vacancies) in the search engine’s text field. Many web pages for jobs allow you to fill in and send a job application and to enclose your CV.

You can also search for jobs via social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) or by directly contacting the employers you are interested in. It is also good to ask your acquaintances if they know where there might be a need for your expertise.

There are thousands of vacancies throughout Finland, which you will find in the Vacancies section of TE services. You can find vacancies in your municipality by entering the name of the municipality in the search field ”Sijainti” (location)

Further information: Where to find work?

TE services and services of the local government pilot on employment

If you do not have a job or become unemployed, register as an unemployed jobseeker with the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE services) on your first day of unemployment at the latest.

As a jobseeker, you can get support for your job seeking from TE services or the local government pilot on employment. An employment plan may be drawn up for you, covering both your job search and the services suitable for you.

You can register as a jobseeker via E-services or in person at the TE Office. In certain cases, the only option is to go to the TE Office in person. When you go to register, be sure to bring your passport and residence permit.

TE Office in Kokkola

Pitkänsillankatu 15

67100 Kokkola

tel. 0295 020 713

In some cases, you can also visit a TE Office without an appointment. With the help of E-services (Oma asiointi), you can change your job search information and check the validity of your job search and labour policy statement, for example.

If you need to make an appointment at a TE Office, you can contact the TE Office directly by phone or by visiting in person. Also, if you need to change an appointment, please contact the TE Office directly.

You can call TE Office’s telephone service, when you need information on TE services or assistance with using the online services. The telephone numbers for the service are 0295 025 500 (Finnish), 0295 025 510 (Swedish), 0295 020 713 (English) and 0295 020 715 (Russian).

Further information: Unemployment benefit.

Local government pilot on employment in the Kokkola region

Kokkola is part of the local government pilot on employment, in which some jobseeker clients were transferred to the municipality. Your employment support services are provided through the local government pilot if e.g.

  • your mother tongue is other than Finnish, Swedish or Sami or your nationality is other than Finnish
  • you are under 30 years of age
  • you receive labour market subsidy or basic unemployment allowance from Kela.

If you are included in the pilot, the TE services staff will let you know once you have registered. You may also be notified personally by letter or via E-services.

The offices of the Kokkola region local government pilot are located in iPark.

Local government pilot on employment in the Kokkola region,

iPark (visiting address)

Vaasantie 6 A

FI-67100 Kokkola

tel. +358 6 828 9800 (Mon–Wed 9:00–12:00 and 13:00–15:00)

Job-seeking support for young people from Ohjaamo

Central Ostrobothnia Ohjaamo is a low-threshold service point for all young people under the age of 30. If you are under 30, Ohjaamo can help you with things like studies, career planning and job seeking.

Starting a business

The activities of KOSEK (Kokkolanseudun Kehitys Oy) include the entire life cycle of the company, starting with the activities related to the establishment of the company. KOSEK experts will help, inter alia, in preparing of a business plan and stat-up allowance matters. The service is free of charge. The operations of Central Ostrobothnia's New Entrepreneurship Center FIRMAXI will now continue as part of KOSEK's services

You can also visit KOSEK in the future in matters related to your business activies. Such matters include, for example:

  • financing a company
  • recruiting employees
  • co-operation networks
  • premises

If you are starting a business or already have one, you can also get help from TE services. Find out more about TE services for employers and entrepreneurs on the Job Market Finland website.

Further information: Starting a business.

Link redirects to another websiteNew Enterprise Agency Central-Ostrobothnia Firmaxi

New Enterprise Agency Central-Ostrobothnia Firmaxi

Link redirects to another websiteKokkolanseudun Kehitys Ltd

Kokkolanseudun Kehitys Ltd


If you need a tax card or tax numbers, you can get them from the West Finland Tax Office. Contact information for the Tax Office:

West Finland Tax Office, Kokkola Office

Postal address: P.O. Box 1002, 67101 Kokkola

Street address: Kaarlelankatu 27, Kokkola

National service number of the Tax Administration: 029 497 050

Further information Taxation.