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Vapaa-aika Siikajoella

Leisure in Siikajoki


Local information

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Ruukki Adult Education Centre (Ruukin kansalaisopisto) provides a variety of courses for different age groups in all the villages of Siikajoki. You can take part in instructed sports activities, handicrafts, languages, music (such as playing the piano or guitar or singing in a choir), among other things. You can find the curriculum on the Adult Education Centre's website.

Siikajoki Cultural Department (kulttuuritoimi) arranges concerts, festivals, events, theatre presentations and exhibitions. It also partners with, for example, the local parishes and associations in arranging various types of events. Information on upcoming events is available in local newspapers, on the municipal website and in the Siikasanomat municipal bulletin. Further information is available from the secretary of cultural events (kulttuurisihteeri) and on the municipal website.

Secretary of Cultural Events of Siikajoki

Tel. 040 315 6230

Siikajoki's tourist attractions include Paavola Local Museum (Paavolan kotiseutumuseo) and wartime battlefield sites. Further information on cultural offerings is available on the municipal website.

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Siikajoki Adult Education Centre

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Municipality of Siikajoki


Siikajoki has libraries in the villages of Ruukki, Revonlahti, Paavola, Siikajoenkylä and Luohua. You can borrow books, magazines, music and films from the library. All libraries also provide a computer for customer use. Siikajoki Library is a member of the OUTI library network, offering inter-library loans. More information is available on the Siikajoki municipal website.

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Theatre and cinema

The amateur theatre group Ruukin Näyttämöyhdistys operates in Siikajoki. It arranges presentations in summertime. Further details on Ruukin Näyttämöyhdistys's Facebook site.

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Amateur drama society's Facebook pages


Paavola Local Museum (Paavolan kotiseutumuseo) is located in Siikajoki. The museum is open on summer Sundays and otherwise by agreement. The museum operates in an old granary building, and it is maintained by the village and local heritage association of Paavola (Paavolan kylä- ja kotiseutuyhdistys).

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Local museum's Facebook pages

Exercise and sports

Siikajoki offers a wide range of sporting options. There are several exercise rooms for indoor exercise and sports. Every village in Siikajoki also provides a playing field for ball games. In winter, these turn into ice fields or ice rinks. You can also find skiing tracks in every village. There are five tennis courts, three disc-golf courts, a golf course and four gyms in Siikajoki. For motorsports, there is Ruukki go-cart track. For details, see the Ruukki Go-cart Club website.

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Exercise and sports

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The formula and karting club of Ruukki (Ruukin FK-kerho)

Recreation and travel in nature

Siikajoki offers plenty of opportunities for recreation and outdoor activities. The municipality owns the outdoor areas of Hietamaa, Tönkyräkangas and Kirkkokukkula. The sandy conifer forests are ideal for berry-picking, mushroom-picking and hunting. To hunt, you need a hunting licence.

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Exercise and sports facilities

Hobbies for children and young people

In three of Siikajoki's villages, there is a youth facility where young people can spend their free time. They can also suggest what kind of activities they would like the youth facilities to offer. There is always (at least) one adult present in a youth facility. One of the youth facilities also houses a youth information point where young people can seek information either independently or assisted by a youth worker.

Youth facilities offer various types of group activities (such as girls' groups or young mothers' peer support groups) and theme evenings (such as anti-racism evenings, women's evenings or "real men's evenings").

Municipal youth departments also organise events and trips for children, young people and families (for example, family days, disco evenings, band evenings, trips to the zoo and shopping trips).

Siikajoki has a youth influence group (Vaikuttajanuoret) and an Initiative Channel (Aloitekanava), which is an e-democracy service for young people.

Children and young people can sing and play music in Raahe Music Institute (Raahen musiikkiopisto) and in Oulu Conservatoire (Oulun konservatorio).

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Hobbies for elderly people

Siikajoki offers plenty of opportunities for elderly people to engage in leisure-time activities. At the Adult Education Centre (Kansalaisopisto), for example, you can try your hand at art, handicrafts, sport and foreign languages. The municipality of Siikajoki organises a range of cultural activities. It also offers a wide range of sports facilities. Pensioner's associations also organise activities for the elderly.

Additional information is available on the municipal website of Siikajoki.

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Leisure and culture


Siikajoki has various associations, such as culture associations and sports organisations. For more information, see the municipal website.

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