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In Finland, all children and young people have the opportunity to receive free vaccinations against more than ten diseases. Vaccinations are offered to children at the maternity and child health clinic and at school. Adults can receive vaccinations against these diseases at their own health centre.

Free vaccinations in Finland

In Finland, every child is offered free vaccination against many life-threatening diseases in accordance with the national vaccination programme. Vaccinations are offered against, for example, polio, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, measles and mumps.

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Finnish vaccination programme for children and adults

Vaccinations when you are moving to Finland

When you move to Finland, find out which of the vaccinations included in the Finnish vaccination programme you have not received. If you have not received all the vaccinations in the vaccination programme, you can get them free of charge if you move to live permanently in Finland.

If you have applied for asylum or temporary protection in Finland and are a minor or pregnant, you can receive the vaccinations free of charge.

Where can I receive vaccinations?

You can get vaccinations at your health and social services centre (sosiaali- ja terveyskeskus).

Different wellbeing services counties may use different names for health and social services centre, such as terveysasema, terveyskeskus or hyvinvointiasema. You can find information about the health services of different localities on the InfoFinland websites for different areas or  the website of your wellbeing services county.

If you are a student, contact student health care (opiskeluterveydenhuolto). Children receive vaccinations at the child health clinic (lastenneuvola) or school.

Get vaccinated against COVID-19

Get the vaccine against COVID-19. It will protect you from severe coronavirus disease. The vaccine will not cost you anything.

COVID-19 vaccination is available to anyone age 12 and older. Younger children can be vaccinated if they belong to a high-risk group. Ask your health and social services centre where you can get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) provides more detailed information about coronavirus vaccination.

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Vaccines and COVID-19