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Media in Finland

There is freedom of the press in Finland, which means that newspapers and other media can publish information and opinions without state censorship. In Finland, it is also possible to follow the news in Swedish, English and Russian. The news are produced by Yle, a state-owned media company. Yle’s operation is funded by taxes. There are also many commercial media companies in Finland, which publish newspapers and are owners of television and radio channels.

News and television programmes online

You will find a lot of news and TV programmes online in different languages. Yle, for example, offers news in Finnish, English and Russian. You can watch Yle and commercial TV channels not only on TV but also online. Many television programmes are in Finnish. In Finland, foreign programmes have Finnish subtitles, so they can be watched in their original language.

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News in English

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News in plain Finnish

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News in plain Finnish


Plenty of newspapers are published in Finland. Helsingin Sanomat is the largest subscription newspaper in Finland. Most newspapers are in Finnish. Some newspapers are also published in Swedish in some localities.

Most newspapers can be ordered not only as a printed paper but also as a digital paper. In this case, you can read the newspaper in electronic format.

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Newspapers in Finland


If you have an old television set, you also need to have a digital set-top box in order to watch television programmes. New televisions sold in Finland already include a digital receiver.

The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle owns three television channels that are available nationwide. Yle is a public service, and its operation is funded by taxes. In addition, there are several commercial television channels in Finland, such as MTV3 and Nelonen.

Several channels are available free of charge. Yle’s channels and many of the commercial channels are free of charge. You can also purchase channels subject to a fee.

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Television in Finland


There are several radio channels in Finland. Most of the channels are also available online. Most radio channels are in Finnish.

Yle provides radio programmes in English and Russian.

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Estonian radio