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Tuki- ja palveluasuminen

Supported and service housing

In Finland, supported housing (tukiasuminen) and service housing (palveluasuminen) are available to those in need of support in living independently.

Supported and service housing are available to

  • the elderly
  • the disabled
  • the mentally disabled
  • those recovering from mental and drug abuse problems.

Supported and service housing are offered by municipalities, organisations and private entrepreneurs.

To apply for supported and service housing, contact your local social services (sosiaalivirasto).

Supported housing

A person living in supported housing copes with everyday tasks almost independently. The amount of support depends on the needs of the resident. It may vary from everyday to weekly visits. Supported housing may refer to a dwelling owned by the resident, a rental dwelling or some other housing type.

The duration of supported housing depends on the resident’s own needs and situation in life. The purpose is for the residents to organise their lives during supported housing well enough to be able to transfer to independent living.

Service housing

Service housing is a housing type meant for people who need constant help but not institutional care.

Service housing contains both the dwelling and housing-related services. The resident accounts for the costs of housing him/herself. Service housing can be organised in regular dwellings, service homes, service blocks or other housing forms. A resident will live in his/her own dwelling and receive services for being able to live there.

Such services may include, for example, domestic aid, meal service, services related to personal hygiene, various security services and health care services.

Costs of service housing

The costs of service housing depend on who provides the service. Service housing is offered both by municipalities and private companies. There is great variation in the prices and services.

When applying for service housing, find out what exactly it costs. It is advisable to compare service homes owned by the municipality and those in private ownership. The resident pays for the accommodation and services him/herself if able to do so. However, the municipality must ensure that the resident can afford living in a service home in cases where this service is needed. In order to find out more about the different housing types, contact your local social services.

The elderly

Senior citizens in need of daily outside help and support are eligible for service housing. The resident can him/herself decide how much help the service housing contains.

Disabled persons

Service housing is organised for such a disabled person who, due to his/her disability or illness, needs help in coping with everyday tasks.

InfoFinland webpage Services for disabled persons contains more information on services available to disabled people.

People recovering from drug abuse or mental problems

People recovering from drug abuse or mental problems are eligible to apply for supported housing. Supported housing provides help for learning to live independently and support for recovering from the problems.

InfoFinland webpage Intoxicant abuse contains more information on where you can get help if you, your friend or your family member is having problems with intoxicants.

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