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Language course levels

In Finland, language courses are classified at different levels in the same way as in other EU countries. Before applying for a language course, check what is the right level for you.

European Framework of Reference

Language course levels are usually classified on the basis of the rating scale of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF). According to it, the lowest level is the basic level A1.1 and the advanced level is C2.2.

The course starting level means the level at which the course begins and the target level of the course is the level that the course aims to achieve.

Sometimes the course levels are described in other ways. If the course level is Starting level 0, the course is intended for people who do not speak Finnish at all.

Information on levels

Starting level 0

No Finnish language skills

Basic level (A1.1−A2.2)

Basic level begins A1.1 – Language basics

Basic level A1.2 – Language basics

Basic level A1.3 – You can use the language in simple non-work-related situations. You can write a little.

Basic level A2.1 – You can use the language to run the most common errands.

Basic level A2.2 – Your understanding of familiar subjects is reasonably good. You can write in simple language.

Intermediate level (B1.1−B2.2)

Intermediate level begins B1.1 – Moderate language skills in day-to-day work and leisure situations.

Intermediate level B1.2 – A fluent grasp of language in day-to-day work and leisure situations.

Intermediate level B2.1 – Basic level of independent language proficiency.

Intermediate level B2.2 – Functional level of independent language proficiency.

Advanced level (C)

Advanced level C – Language skills are excellent or comparable to a native speaker. There is also a more specific level classification for C-level courses, C1.1, C1.2, C2.1 or C2.2.

The assessment of language proficiency is based on the level classification of the National Certificate of Language Proficiency. The InfoFinland web page Official certificate of language proficiency provides information about how to compare course levels to the levels of the Language Proficiency test.

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Scale of description for language skill levels