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Suomen kieltä internetissä

Finnish online

There are many Finnish courses at different levels available online. You can watch videos, listen to podcasts or download applications. You can study grammar and vocabulary, complete exercises and play games. Usually, the language of instruction of online materials is Finnish or English.


You can study Finnish using applications. Some applications may be subject to a charge. Examples of applications:

  • Suomipassi
  • Duolingo
  • WordDive


Examples of podcasts:

  • Finnishpod101
  • Finking Cap 


Learn and practise language basics. The topics are linked to simple situations, but not to working life. You will learn vocabulary for everyday situations, understand familiar subjects fairly well and write in simple language.

Basic level

We will practise basic language skills and vocabulary, and you can use the language fluently in normal work and leisure situations.

Independent user level

The exercises are linked to practical and natural language skills. You will gain better skills in using the language independently.

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Random Finnish Lesson

Link redirects to another websiteThe Finnish Centre for Easy to Read

News in plain Finnish

Proficient user level

The exercises support language skills at the native level.

Link redirects to another websiteUniversity of Jyväskylä's Language Centre

Listen to Finnish dialects


Link redirects to another websiteInstitute for the Languages of Finland

Iso Suomen kielioppi online