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Suomen ja ruotsin kieli Espoossa

Finnish and Swedish in Espoo

You can study Finnish and Swedish in many places in Espoo. In addition, Finnish discussion groups open to everyone are organised, for example, in libraries.

Local information

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Language courses

Through the service, you can look for a Finnish course that suits you in Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo or Kauniainen. In Espoo, Finnish and Swedish courses are held by, for example, Omnia, Espoo Adult Education Centre, Aalto University Open University, Espoo Upper Secondary School for Adults, Luksia and Axxell.

If you need help in finding a suitable Finnish or Swedish course, please contact Omnia’s career counselling services. Services are provided in Finnish and English. You can also participate with your own interpreter.

tel. 092 319 8360
email: (Link opens default mail program)

Have a discussion in Finnish

Language cafés are organised in libraries in Espoo where you can practise speaking Finnish. Discussions take place in Finnish at Language Cafés so it would be good if you already know some Finnish. Language cafés are free of charge. Language cafés: Entresse Library, Iso Omena Library, Lippulaiva Library, Sello Library and Tapiola Library.

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Language Cafés

The international meeting place Trapesa offers you a chance to participate in a Finnish discussion and learning group. The group is free of charge and open to everyone.

Address: Kirkkojärventie 11, asemasilta Espoon keskus.

Let’s Read Together

Espoo also organises several Let’s Read Together groups, some of which are only for women.

Kivenkolo Community Centre

You can also hone your Finnish skills in Kivenkolo Community Centre in Espoonlahti. Kivenkolo hosts various recreational activities.

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Kivenkolo Community Center

If you are a customer of the Employment and Economic Development Office, you can ask about Finnish and Swedish courses there.

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Swedish language in Finland

National Certificate of Language Proficiency

Espoo provides the opportunity to obtain the National Certificate of Language Proficiency (yleinen kielitutkinto) in Finnish or Swedish. In Espoo, the certificate exams are held by Axxell, Luksia and Omnia.

The website of the Finnish National Agency for Education (Opetushallitus) features a search engine for certificate exams. You can use it to check where and when you can obtain the certificate.

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National Certificates of Language Proficiency

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YKI courses