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Vapaa-aika Kalajoella

Leisure in Kalajoki


Local information

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Kalajoki offers a wide range of possibilities and events involving youth, sports, cultural and other leisure activities. Such activities are arranged by organisations such as Kalajoki Academy (Kalajoki Akatemia) and the Kalajoki Adult Education Centre (Kalajoen kansalaisopisto).

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Kalajoki Main Library (Kalajoen pääkirjasto)
Kalajoentie 1, 85100 Kalajoki

Himanka Library (Himangan kirjasto)
Leipämäentie 4, 68100 Himanka

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Library services

Theatre and cinema

In Kalajoki, films are shown in the Virta-Sali at Kalajoentie 1, 85100 Kalajoki.

The town also has a summer theatre: Kesäteatteri Willi Lakeus. For more information, see the town's website.

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Summer theatre Willi Lakeus


You will find the contact information of museums located in the Kalajoki region on the town's website.

The Merijärvi Museum (Merijärven kotiseutumuseo) is located right beside the church in Kirkonmäki in the centre of the municipality.

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Exercise and sports

Kalajoki offer a variety of sporting opportunities around the year.

In particular, the Town of Kalajoki supports the sports-related educational activities of voluntary organisations and sports associations.

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Exercise and sports services

Recreation and travel in nature

For Finns, recreation and travel in nature is a traditional and popular way of recharging your batteries at any time of year. Everyman's rights (Jokamiehen oikeudet) allow people to pick berries and mushrooms and to move around the forest on foot, by bike, or on skis during the winter. However, you may not go into a private household's yard without permission.

You will need a licence to fish, but not to angle (worm fishing) or ice fish. A licence is also required for hunting. Everyman's rights do not give you the right to leave litter lying around, to damage trees or vegetation, to drive vehicles onto someone's land without their permission, or to build.

Kalajoki has a wide range of routes of all kinds for enjoying the wilderness. Some routes are also suitable for people who need wheelchairs and those taking prams. The area has several ski tracks, swimming beaches and nature trails with lean-to shelters, bird watching towers and places for making a fire. Route maps are available from the information point in the town hall.

For more information, see Kalajoki's website.

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Hobbies for elderly people

Kalajoki's Adult Education Centre (kansalaisopisto) offers opportunities for enjoying and studying subjects such as art, handicrafts, dance, sports and languages.

On the other hand, Kalajoki Academy (Kalajoki Akatemia) runs a wide range of sports, cultural and leisure activities which are also intended for elderly people.

Pensioner's associations also organise activities for the elderly. You can find information on such associations on the register of associations on the town's website.

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Register of Associations


A wide range of associations are active in Kalajoki. You can find information on active associations on the register of associations on the town's website.

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Register of Associations