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Tietoa Siikajoesta

Information about Siikajoki


Local information

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Basic information

Siikajoki is situated in Northern Ostrobothnia, near the City of Oulu. Its neighbouring municipalities include Raahe, Siikalatva, Lumijoki and Liminka. Oulu is about 45 minutes and Raahe about 25 minutes by car from Siikajoki. Siikajoki is bisected by a river of the same name and surrounded by vast plains typical of Ostrobothnia. Siikajoki has a surface area of 1,653.94 km2, of which water bodies account for 8.93 km2. Siikajoki has nearly 120 kilometres of riverside and 60 kilometres of sea coast.

The municipal centre is called Ruukki while the other villages include Paavola, Revonlahti, Siikajoenkylä, Karinkanta, Tuomioja, Saarikoski and Luohua. Siikajoki has around 5,306 inhabitants of which foreign residents account for 1 per cent.

At the end of 2014, there were 468 enterprises and 1,635 workplaces.

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Municipality of Siikajoki


The first inhabitants arrived in the estuary of River Siikajoki in the 15th century. The first permanent residents – settlers originating from the region of Savo in eastern Finland – arrived in the area in the mid-16th century. The village of Revonlahti also attracted inhabitants from the west coast. Population grew rapidly. The main occupation was agriculture, in particular animal husbandry.

Siikajoki became an independent civil parish in 1868. Paavola became a municipality in 1874 and Revonlahti in 1930. In 1973, the municipalities of Paavola and Revonlahti merged to form the Municipality of Ruukki. The name Ruukki originated from a village of the same name in the Municipality of Paavola. In 2007, the municipalities of Ruukki and Siikajoki were disbanded and replaced by the new Municipality of Siikajoki.


Siikajoki is intersected by the main railway of Ostrobothnia as well as highway 8 and main road 86. The railway station is in Ruukki, in the municipal centre. Some of the passenger trains serving the Oulu-Seinäjoki line stop in Ruukki. There are also cargo trains running through Ruukki. There are bus connections from the village of Revonlahti to the City of Oulu and the town of Raahe, from the village of Paavola to Oulu and the town of Ylivieska, and from the village of Siikajoenkylä to Oulu and Raahe.

The nearest airport is in Oulu.

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Bus timetables

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Several religious communities operate in Siikajoki. You can search for these by name and locality in the Religions in Finland (Uskonnot Suomessa) online service.

In Siikajoki, the operations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland are the responsibility of the Parish of Raahe (Raahen seurakunta). The villages of Revonlahti, Paavola and Siikajoenkylä have cruciform wooden churches from the 18th century. For more information, see the website of the Raahe parish (Raahen seurakunta).

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Parish of Raahe

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Religious communities in Finland

Decision-making and public engagement

In Siikajoki, you can influence matters that relate to you. It is easy to get in touch with municipal decision-makers and officials. The highest decision-making body is the municipal council. The council has 27 members who represent different political parties. The council is appointed in municipal elections held every fourth year. You can send feedback and enquiries to the local authority via the Siikajoki website. You can write your questions in English. You can also launch citizen initiatives.

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Administration and decision-making